Open-source Leap software

The Leap is an incredible new motion-tracking device from Leap Motion. It tracks movements up to 10 ┬Ám (!) in 8 cubic feet of 3D space. OpenLeap is a community of open-source enthusiasts making software for this wonderful device.


Started by Owen Versteeg as an open-source initiative for the Leap. Currently at 118 members and counting.


Many Leap developers asked for a good community site where they could share projects and see examples - so here one is!


A bunch of open-source applications that use the Leap. One example is DrawPad.

How do I add a repo?

Just use GitHub's "transfer ownership" function; transfer the repo to OpenLeap.

Ooh! I have an idea for an app!

Awesome! Create a repo if you can code, or contact OpenLeap if you can't.

I don't have a Leap!

You can pick one up at your local Best Buy, buy online here at the official online Leap Motion store, or you can get one on Amazon.